StevieAnn Nance

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Founder & CEO …


Welcome Babes!

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, StevieAnn grew up on ballet, cookies & a financial education given by her mom, a math professor, who rented library rooms to teach her children the evils of credit card debit & to torture them with additional hours of math homework guised as lessons on money management & compound interest.  (Yay!?)

StevieAnn, like many "sensible" children turned adult, decided to completely ignore her mothers advice. 

She spent years, maxing out her credit cards, buying cars and shoes she couldn't REALLY afford and all sorts of shenanigans we'll leave to the blog posts! 

one day, Like all good 'self made babes’, she decided enough was enough.  She made a budget, slowly & painfully changed her bad habits, paid off her credit cards & student loan debt and slowly but surely started building her empire of wealth ($1 at a time!).


THE WEALTH BABE was created to share the tips, tricks and knowledge stevieann (& other, like-minded babes) have learned on their journey to financial freedom!

the wealth babe is about EMPOWERing women to take control of their financial future!

It’s also about personal development & (gasp) having a little fun along the way!

It doesn’t matter where you begin, it only matters that you START.

so join us today!

& say, “Cheers” to big, scary, unapologetic goals!

(Because goals are really, honestly, truly, kind of SEXY & FUN!  :)