Budget Check In

Monthly Budget & Goals!

Happy November Babes! Here at Wealth Babe we're HUGE believers in KNOWING your numbers. Knowledge is power, ya'll and we're convinced SEEING how much your spending is 1,000 x 1 billion time's more efficent that BELIEVING what you're spending.

I mean, I only ordered out food once last week, and I haven't been shopping ... oh wait, except for that $4,999.99 trip to Marshalls, buuuuuuuttttt everything was on sale! Oh, and all those cute pumpkins I bought for Halloween & 3 new sweaters! And ...... ekkkkkk...... (Cringe).

This is why we do monthly check ins! To see WHAT we've spent and HOW we’re spending it. Getting REAL with what we intended to spend vs ACTUALLY spent is key.

You feel me?

We're Going to do Things a Little Bit Different

Rather then focusing on the DOLLAR amount, we're going to use PERCENTAGES for our budget check ins. I bet you’re wondering why?

Staring at spreadsheets of numbers all day is hardly productive; unless you're an accountant getting paid to do exactly just that. And when we OVER FOCUS on something, we waste time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

So, let's check in, get our numbers, see our numbers, commit them to memory and then move on!

Budgets & Goals

After we commit our numbers to memory, we’re going to do a quick goal setting mesh.

While we’re are focusing on exactly what we want a year from now (more on that later), we’re going to use November to focus on what's most important to us THIS MONTH to get there.

Sound good? Let's get started!

Part I - Numbers:

TWB - Monthly Numbers

The below graphic is a quick break down of my numbers. My income divided by my budget for each category. The darker oranges are expenses while the big peach triangle pie piece at the bottom is a special project (we’re renovated a 1954 vintage trailer right now!) and the lighter colors are savings! We’ll focus more on debt, wealth building and HOW to save but for now, this is my ‘pie picture’ for the month. Easy peasy. My graph tells me, I’m doing a decent job at saving vs spending. For a quick snapshot, that’s great!

The Wealth Babe November Budget

Part II, Goals:

TWB - Monthly Goals

While your long term goals should be lofty, true to your heart and in front of your face or mind DAILY; your short term goals should be supportive of these but simplistic and easy.

My personal short term goals for November are …

The Wealth Babe November Goals

Congrats Babes! That's it!

Now YOU run your numbers and write down your monthly goals! Hang them on the back of your closet door or somewhere you’ll see them daily.

We'll see you mid month for a quick check in before December.

To your wealth & success! You Got This Babes!

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