Easy Elegant Holiday (Christmas & New Years) DIY

I KNOW walking through all the stores & seeing all the GORGEOUS Christmas & Holiday decor can be super tempting to purchase & break your budget! Just do what I do: take a photo of what you LOVE with your phone & leave the store. That way you can look at it all pretty on your phone, (Set it as your screen saver if you’re obsessed!) without it impacting your wallet.

Then …. drive (or walk) home & try this super easy budget friendly holiday DIY!

If you’re like me, you ALWAYS have extra jars, glasses, vases and candles laying around the house. So, round up them all up, go forage your yard or neighbors yard & follow the world’s easiest DIY!

The only thing you’ll need to purchase is white snow spray! Or, I’m sure you can use white spray paint if you have some lying around, just be sure to account for the extra drying time before throwing this DIY together. Either will cost you $3 at your local home improvement or craft store!

You ready for this!

1 - Purchase snow spray

2 - Gather clear unused vases. If you really need to purchase some, hit up the dollar store!

3 - Gather white candles. Again, if you don’t have any. Ikea or the dollar store are cheap options!

4 - Forage your yard (or your friendly neighbors) for pine boughs, pine cones, sticks, branches & general foliage.

5 - Spray items with snow spray (& let dry. I’m impatient, so I just handle all snowy & wet & wash my hands after).

6 - Arrange items all together. (On tables, mantles, outdoor tables, etc.)

7 - Sit back, marvel at your craftiness & enjoy!

You can put them in wooden boxes, on plates, chargers or arrange with ornaments.

It’s so easy, inexpensive & elegant! You can do it while sipping your morning coffee thinking what a crafty budgeting goddess you are! (Because you are!)

The best part? These will elegant for New Years Eve and all the month of January!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Happy Crafting!


- The Wealth Babe

P.S. What are your crafting variations of this or other easy holiday DIY ideas? Tag us & share!