What is a Wealth Babe?

Are you a Millennial, a Mother, a trust fund gal or just "troubled on 'How to make it to next Friday?'“

Whatever your situation. We get you & Yes, We’ve been there.

poor choices once buried us under a massive mountain of debt.

We made major changes & slowly, painfully (at first), dug ourselves out of debt.

We learned a few things along the way like…

how to save our money,

how to make more money,

how to respect money,

& build positive passive cashflows!!!

How did we do it?

Slowly, carefully, consistently. We educated ourselves & learned POWERFUL habits that will last a lifetime!

Now, WE WANT TO SHARE everything we’ve learned with YOU!

So YOU CAn build your own path to financial freedom.

Whatever YOUR goal is, whatever YOUR current situation...

join us!

bring a friend or stick around & make some new ones!

but most importantly - have fun!

because taking control of your Personal Finances (& Life) doesn’t have to be boring.

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”
— P.T. Barnum